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It is never to early to start preparing and saving up for college. I already have 2 different funds set for my kids. Now that our daughter is finishing high school this year, I really wish we could have prepared more for college. I wish we would have saved more, and looked into a program like this in our state.

Anything to be better prepared is the way to go! This will surely help others a lot! It adds up fast! That is so amazing that even if you move, your kids can still attend a Florida college at the in-state tuition rates with the prepaid plan. I wish every state had something like that! I really should have gotten started sooner!

Promo Code For Florida Prepaid

My kids are very young right now but sending them off to college and that expense always gets me stressed. The earlier you prepare yourself the better I think. Your option is intriguing. This is a great program if you live in Florida. Ive heard many great things about this program!

2018 Florida Prepaid Promo Code | A New Year for Happily Ever After

Its something that I will be putting into action very soon because college is expensive and eery little bit counts. Wish this was available in other states so they could explore more options as well. What an awesome way to help parents plan for something that can definitely feel a bit overwhelming both emotionally and financially.

SAVING FOR SCHOOL: Florida Prepaid College Plans deadline is Tuesday

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I graduated 100% debt free thanks to Florida Prepaid (and so did my brother!)

Are you considering a Florida Prepaid College Plan? Is there anything holding you back? What if we move out of Florida? Are you ready to get started?

Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment is Here! + Promo Code

There are only a few days left to enroll. Comments It is never to early to start preparing and saving up for college. Before my parents knew it, my older brother was applying to colleges and I was behind him by four years.

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Off my older brother went then it was my turn. I had saved some money from summer jobs and graduation gifts but by the time college started, I was filling out financial aid forms and praying I had enough in scholarships to offset the cost of school, room and board, and living expenses.

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I picked an out-of-state school which meant the scholarships I did get were not even close to paying for out-of-state tuition. Seven years later, I had two degrees, a B. Fast forward to me as a parent of three kids. We met with a financial planner who told us what our options were for saving for college and we did our own research. I knew that most states had their own prepaid plan and assumed that the state we chose to invest in would be the only option for our kids. I was worried about that because I wanted my children to be able to select the best college for them and it may or may not be in Florida.

Time Is Fleeting for Florida Prepaid College Plans - Run DMT

I learned a lot about the process and how prepaid plans worked. Like many parents, I had some misconceptions about the program. Enrolling in Florida Prepaid made sense for my husband and I.

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If you want to learn more you can do two things. M EST. Open enrollment ends February 28, !